Toy Story Ichiban Kuji "Kyun-Chara World" are released now!

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Do you remember "Ichiban-Kuji" I told you before?
It is very popular lots in Japan and they quite often release the original
items which we can get only when we draw lots. And those items are
not sold at shops usually.

And this time, Ichiban-Kuji of Toy Story has been released since October 5.
We can get them at convenience store "Seven Eleven" in Japan.
As you know, Toy Story is the most popular in the world, and of course,
there are so many Toy Story fans in Japan, so now it is so difficult to find a

shop where these items has been remained, though a little time has passed
since these items were released.

Please check those items of Toy Story Ichiban Kuji!

Some Toy Story's characters were the Halloween costumes.
The lots have items from A to G. And usually Ichiban Kuji has though,
if you draw the last lot (if you draw the lot when a shop has last one item),
you can get an item they have as a last one. In short, one shop has one item
as a last one. The item become super rare item because the amount itself
is little necessarily.

I couldn't get them because Seven Eleven which is located nearby my office.
However I can find them on PIJ! If you'd like, please check out them :)
Thanks :D

Please check the link below. You can find many Toy Story Ichiban Kuji!

You can find them with the words below.

Ichiban-Kuji = 一番くじ 
Toy Story = トイストーリー 

Please combine two Japanese words with "a space".
"一番くじ トイストーリー"

If you change the word "Toy Story" to another, you can find other
Ichiban Kuji items!

"一番くじ ドラゴンボール" = "Ichiban Kuji + Dragon Ball"
"一番くじ ジョジョ" = "Ichiban Kuji + JoJo's Bizarre Adventure"
"一番くじ ドラえもん" = "Ichiban Kuji + Doraemon"

If you don't know the words in Japanese, or if you don't know how to search
the items you want, please ask me. Please don't hesitate it xD


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