Marukome's One Shot (miso soup maker)

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Although you may know already if you like Japan, do you know miso soup?
And have you eaten it before? :)
It is a traditional food in Japan and all Japanese love it.

Miso soup is soup which is seasoned with miso (soybean paste).
People use vegetables or seafood generally when they make it.
Miso soup is in a prominent position in our meal. Of course I'm loving it.

Speaking of miso soup, I can image Marukome Corporation.
Marukome is a maker of miso mainly, and I can guess all Japanese
know this company and you can find its logotype at almost every kitchen
in Japan. Now, I'm in the office, and I confirmed in a refrigerator
which we use in usual.

Look, I've just found it. lol

Anyway, it is very delicious soup for Japanese.
Marukome has developed an amazing miso soup maker "One Shot".
We usually use the "wooden bowl" when we eat miso soup.
An accent of "one" is very similar to Japanese accent of "wooden bowl".

a wooden bowl = 椀 (わん): wan

And this is the machine "One Shot".

You can eat real miso soup with "one push". It is super easy! xD
I guess you become to love it easily. Would you like to try it?
Thank you so much.

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

There are some types of One Shot they have.

You can buy it on PIJ :D

Keyword "marukome (マルコメ)" on PIJ


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