What is Control Bear?

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Do you know this character called "Control Bear"?

Control Bear is a character in the similitude of bears,
which have made by Graniph. Graniph is the stores
which deal professionally with T-shirts. Graphis Inc. manage it.

Actually, I didn't know this character.
I came across that very cute bears
when I walked and enjoyed in a department store last weekend.

Control Bear Plush Dolls

Control Bear Mugs

How do you feel? Do you feel they are cute? :)
It takes its head off, but it has a meaning, they say.
A designer Nagatake Uehara wish you to live your life with a strong will.
To take off a head is to control your head, your thinking, and your will.
It looks simple and a black humor, but it gives you a strong impact.
I guess and hope it will become so popular character like Gloomy xD !!

By the way, Sanrio has collaborated with Control Bear, already. lol
Access a link below, you can see many super cute pic of them ;)

And I give you more links to find more. If you would like to get them,
please ask me. You can get if they have in their hand. Thank you.

Control Bear Products

Sanrio x graniph Collaboration T-shirts

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

You can find many Control Bear items on PIJ!
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