The micro-sized building blocks "nanoblock"

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Do you know "nanoblock"?
It is the micro-sized building blocks released by Kawada corporation releasing
diablock in Japan. They have produced so many building blocks for children.
Of course, I played with it when I was child. It is made to increase chilidren's
feeling high, and a lot of parents prefer to give them for their children.

diablock offcial website (Kawada)

And now, their products are attract also many adults.
The name of it is "nanoblock". Have you heard or played it?
People in the world love it now. I also love it becasue all of them are very cute!

About nanoblock (official website)

The size of a block is 4 x 4 mm. And they stick to the detail.
This is nanoblock!

They release Hello Kitty of course :)

How about giving them for Christmas present?
I guess it is possible to get them yet if you choose EMS for your shipping!
Please hurry up :D Thank you.

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

nanoblock Christmas Boots & Leasing Limited 2012 George's

Christmas House 2012 Kawada nanoblock NBH_034

Polar Bear Christmas Card Muromachi nanoblock Nano Block

Nanoblock new nanoblock Santa & Reindeer Christmas Card


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