UFO catcher (Crane game) in Japan

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Do you have the arcade game in your country?
It is a crane is used to pick up stuffed toys, etc..
I think it is called "Crane game" usually, but in Japan, we call it "UFO catcher".

I'm not good at UFO catcher actually, but I love it.
I often play it when I see it. There are so many rare items which you can get
only with it. For example, ONE PIECE Figures, AKB48 items, Snacks,
Takoyaki machine, Tomica, and so on. It needs 100 or 200 yen for playing it.
However somebody told me that the mechanism of UFO catcher has been
calculated by the manufacture. For example, when I play the game to get
ONE PIECE Chopper Figure, it is impossible to get for 100 yen. They have made
the machine you can't get it for 100 yen. If you try and try several times,
you will get it at last. But, if it's so, it needs me to increase my picking skill. lol

Please watch these movies. He is trying to get some figures or plushes.


Interesting! :) By the way, do you know?
There are a lot of UFO catcher items on Yahoo auction!
I think they always get them to sell on the auction, but they are really nice items.
I often buy them in spite of myself... How about your country? Thanks!

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Tomy Pokemon UFO Catcher Machine

4 bananas (the seller says they have the touch soft)

UFO Catcher Prize 2 Hello Kitty Plushes Not for Sale


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