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Oh!My god!
Finally I got this FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 LIGHTNING EDITION today for myself :-)
This one !!!

I am so exited to play with this Playstation 3
because I'm big fan of Final Fantasy.

I played all series :-)
My favorite one is Final Fantasy IV so far.
I am going to enjoy this now!

This including (software)game itself too :-D

I'm going back to my home now lol

This is really popular in Japan now!
And limited item.
If you are interested in this FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 LIGHTNING EDITION
get it now!!!

Get from Private Import Japan now!!!

This bundle comes with:
1) Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Edition 320GB PS3 system.
2) PS3 Final Fantasy 13-2 game (Japanese version)
3) PS3 Wireless Controller (Dual Shock 3)
4) AV Cable
5) USB Cable
6) AC Power Cord

(HDD 320GB Model) - AC 100V 50/60Hz

Some are not including software(game)
Please becareful.

Send me message from "contact us" if you need to increase your limit up to get this.
After we review your information we will let you know about your limit in PIJ
We are really happy to help you shopping from PIJ.

If you are interested in
F.F XIII-2 go from here.

Okay I am going now !
I just wanted to share this new information to you.

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

FINAL FANTASY(FF) 13-2 soft wares


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