Japanese winter must item Hokkakiro

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Do you know Hokkairo or Hokaron?
It is Japanese instant hand warmer.

When it gets cold, everyone in Japan uses one.
It gets warm gradually when it is shaken.
The person who can't put up with severe coldness will have one.
Why do you get warm? It's because of a chemical reaction inside.
Produce heat from the exothermic oxidation of iron when exposed to air.
Its made from natural substance so basically its safe when used as directed
The size is about your palm.

Now you can get instant hand warmer which one side is seal.
You can stick to clothes where you feel cold such as around back.

Like this:-)

This really works well when you go outside.
In Japan north island Hokkaido is really cold even during the day.
It temperatures can be drop to 25 degrees below zero.
It was awful :-(
I was freezing to death that day in Hokkaido.

Wet towel will become harden.

Isnt this interesting movie?

Well this is bad example lol
Any way instance hand warmer is really working in these days.
Even in my place lol

Hope I am not going to north island in cold months any more :-(
Must go here during summer time.

Now you can get rechargeable hand warmer.
You can also recharge from USB.
Its pretty amazing.
I want this one now.

I got news today

Sanrio going to release new series
Hello Kitty ribbon girl collection
Its so kawaii.
I will let you know details later:-)

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

rilakkuma case with hokkairo

My Melody hokkairo case

Hello Kitty hokkairo case

Eneloop kairo rechargeable

Eneloop kairo rechargeable bothside

More hand warmer from PIJ

hand warmer=カイロ


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