How are you and you???

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Do you know this english?
This is what Japanese knows most.

Have you talk to Japanese people before?
Or have you met somebody who can speak english well?
Japanese are really bad with english:-(
We study english from middle school to high school.
So basically more than 6years.
We study many grammers.
Which is really useless.
Still very bad tough lol
And listening and speaking is worse.
Ofcourse some are really good and there is many returnee students.
Such as from US,Australia,canada,Uk or from other countries.
But basically very bad including me :-(

Many of Japanese hate learning english when we were students.
I think because English class always boaring.

First word we study from text is pen lol
And first grammer or sentence we learn is "I have a pen" lol
When we first met some body and asked How are you?
We alway say  How are you? fine thank you and you???
This is how Japanese are very bad in english.

Like this

Isn't this interesting?
And this is true story.
I am like this too.

I am studying english very hard.
So I can have a communication with my friends in all over the world.
Or may be I can visit you LOL

Are you good in english?
I know you are better than me :-)

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