New Year's Eve in Japan.

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 New Year's Eve, is the second-most important day in Japanese tradition.
Because New year is the most important day in year in Japan.

It's really big here!
Bigger than Christmas!

I think its like a Christmas in western countries.
Normally we have a day off from December 29th to January 3rd.
We start preparing from 29th to have great new year's day.
Buy many food and many decorations.
And traditional toys such as top,Japanese kite,hagoita.
Well recently children is playing Metal Fight Beyblade :-(

Traditional family makes osechi-ryori to eat after New Year's Day.
Well recently they just buy it lol Which is pretty sad things.

There is a 2 ways of celebrating New year's eve now :-)
Youngs just go for count down party.
Also many of Musician have year-crossing concerts and countdown.

Most of people eat soba noodles call toshikoshi soba waching tv
while listening to the New years bells in midnight,
and wish for health and longevity in the year to come.

This is the bell.

There is a most famous music progamme call kouhaku uta gassen only in New Year's Eve.
Red team which is women vs White which is men singing contest.
Popular singers (and singing groups) split into two teams.

Normally its quiet days but we are having a wonderful time with family.
Its one of great week!! 2 more weeks to go!!

I cannot wait :-)

How is in your country/
Which is bigger christmas or new year's day?
How you celebrate in your country ?

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Hello kitty hagoita

Tarepanda hagoita

Micky & Mini hagoita

Rilakkuma hagoita

Hello kitty miniture kadomatsu

New Year's Eve=大晦日
New Year's Day=正月
Japanese kite=凧
toshikoshi soba=年越しそば
kouhaku uta gassen=紅白歌合戦


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