Buddhist art in Japan

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Do you know about Japanese and religion?

In Japan biggest religion is Buddhism.
Next is Shinto.

I am not talk about religion itself today.
I just want you to introduce Japanese great historical statue,art or architecture.

Japan have really interesting history.
Buddism is imported in 6th century from Korea.

And had few conflict with Shinto which is Japanese native religion.
Well Buddhism won these conflict.

Sometimes Buddhism and Shinto blended together and make it beautiful arts.

I really love old Japanese things :-)

Haeve you heard Todaiji before?
Its the largest wooden building in the world and
The temple is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Founded 8th century :-)

This is its picture.

Its really big and beautiful.There is Great Buddha and its Hall.
Its really HUGE one!
This is picture.

This is how they polish this Great Buddha.
You can compare from 2 men.

You can get nice Magazine with nice Todaiji picture :-)

Are you interested in Japanese historical stuff?
Even these famous things are always come in to animation or in manga :-)

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