To make cotton candy easily

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In Japan children loves to make their own snacks
and some food by themselves.

As you know its dangerous to let children make food
such as deep fried food or any thing usin fire.

So many Japanese make interesting Cooking toys for kids.

These cooking toys fuss over details :-)

Today I heard this cooking toy Ame De Wataame
is really popular now in Japan.

Ame De Wataame

This is movie

Its looks really easy to make cotton candy.

Just put candy in center and it will automatically crush into
small pieces and melt.

Then start to make cotton candy.

Just use any stick to make it.Ofcourse you can just use sugar :-)
My niece have one of this and she loves to make it.

I think it is really when party.
Because this is for children its pretty safe.

Is there any cooking toy in your country?
Please let me know if there is one :)
I am pretty interested in these .

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Cup cake cooking toy

Futomaki sushi cooking toy

macaroon maker Cooking toy

Donuts maker microwave cooking toy


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