Saint Seiya starts again!

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Have you seen Saint Seiya?
One of best animation in world now!

Especially Japan and France.

It was on Tv programme in Japan about 20years ago.
Well "Saint Seiya Lost canvas"Series are released.

But this lost canvas wasnt projected by Masami Kurumada :-)

This time new series "Saint Saiya Omega"will start projects will be him:-)

Start April 1st this year :-)

This is Official page of Saint Seiya Omega.

This is summary

"The main hero of the show is the Pegasus Saint Kouga.
Along with his companions, he will face Mars.
Original characters like Saori and Seiya will appear on the show as adults.
In fact, Seiya will show up as a Gold Saint!!

This show will be produced with the intention that it will appeal to boys and girls. "

Cannot wait!
I used to cosplay Dragon Shiryu LOL
Thats how I love this animation.

Is Saint Seiya popular in your country?

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Saint Seiya Saint Myth cloths Appendix(plain clothes)

Saint Seiya Saint Myth cloths Seiya with Sagitarious.

Super rare Saint Seiya Saint Pegasus gold cloths

Pheonix ikki mask cosplay.

Andromeda Shun celluloid picture

More Saint Seiya celluloid picture


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