Annular Solar Eclipse 2012

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Today, we could see annular eclipse in so many places in Japan.
The moon covers the center of the sun and sunlight forms a ring shape
around the moon. It create a "ring of fire" in the sky.

Though we could saw it in this morning.
It cross the International Date Line and finish in Texas on a Sunday.

Sun & Moon Performance movie :)

It was so beautiful. I was cried out in wonder and it gave me a strong impression!
The last show of the sun and the moon was a shocking event for Japanese.
The matter we could see widespread annular eclipse
in Japan was since the Late Heian Period.
It's a time before the Edo period, since the year 1080!! :)
Japan was filled with joy today.

By the way, I saw it using this!

I made it to watch it. It was so interesting :)
And I could took a pic of eclipse!

This Monday's show gave us a romantic day.
I guessed that some gentlemen might propose marriage to each their girlfriend
with engagement ring and she might receive two rings from him and from the sky.
And I'm glad to have the same event like this with people overseas.
I hope you will be happy from my heart :) Thank you so much.

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Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

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