Gundam Front Tokyo

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Today, I found so amazing robot in Tokyo!
Please look at this pic.

It is look like real one.
Its the combat robot named Gundam.
Is it cool? I like it.
When I was child I had watched its animation on TV every day
I liked its weapons espescially :)

The Beam Saber... I want it. Its cool!

This weapon can cut everything.
It is decent Saber.
The kitchen knife which can cut every vegitables can't say nothing.

Oops..sorry.. the umbrella... XD

And now event named GUNDAM FRONT TOKYO
is being held in Tokyo Odaiba from April 19.
So many people are visiting there.

Diver City Tokyo Plaza


Taiyaki Gundam (Gundam Yaki)

If you like Gundam or if you have favorite characters,
please tell me :)
I wanna share the fun of it with you.

Gundam Front Tokyo limited Gundam Model HG1/144 Gundam Ver.GFT

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

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