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Rainy season will set in from the end of May in Japan.
We call the season "Tsuyu" in Japan.
And we will need to have the umbrella almost every day.

Do you like rain?
I don't like it because I get wet with it :'(
Of course I know it is blessings of God for us.
We can grow many crops, drink water, see many beautiful flower..
Of course I know.
Hmm.. but I dont lol

So today, I want you to know about Japan, I show you Wagasa!

Tsujikura (a long-established store since 1690)

Look :)
和傘(Wagasa=Japanese umbrella)




Many people appreciate the old one and its history.
I think you may feel happy with the unordinary umbrella :)
When or if you get it, send me your photo with Wagasa :D

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Wagasa as ornament red with Ume Patterns

Wagasa as ornament purple with Sakura Patterns

Wagasa for dancing on the stage purple

Vinyl Lantern for Japanese food shops


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