Hello Kitty Doughnut

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I came across a doughnutery collaborating with Sanrio Hello Kitty!

Here it is! :)


This is a doughnut shop by the name of "Mister Donut",
and  you can find where ever you go in Japan.
I've heard there are some shops abroad, do you have it in your country?

I don't actually like something sweet so much,
but I sometimes go there. We call it "mi-su-do (みすど)".

"How about mi-su-do for lunch today?"

I say like this :))

Speaking of Hello Kitty, you can order items on Sanrio Japan Online.
Although you may know, I tell you how to make "shop order" today.
It is very easy. We need some information of items you would like
to order them on behalf of you.

For example, in a case you would like this item,

What do you have to do to make "shop order"?
Please tell me the item's URL, quantity you want,  price of the item
(which is written on the item's page), and something if you should
tell us for the order. All you just do is that.

Where do you make "shop order" from?
You'll see Shop tab on the front page on PIJ after you log in PIJ.
Click "Shop" tab and input the information to let us know about
your order.

Of course, you can make the order other than the Sanrio Online.
There are a lot of online shops in Japan, so when you come across
something excite you, please don't hesitate to ask us,
or make an order from "shop tab"!

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

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