Hello Kitty x STYLE FIT (3-color ballpoint pen)

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I love 3-color ballpoint pen.
I've used it since my childhood. It makes good progress for my study
and work. Usually it has 3 colors; usually has black, red, and blue.

How to use for study :)

And this is my 3-color pen!

This pen is cheap and a lot of people use it in Japan, I think,
and I found a current 3-color pen by the name of STYLE FIT!

What is great?

Yes, you can choose your favorite 3 colors for a pen from 55 colors!

Oh you will be manga artist!
By the way, I found it at a neighborhood stationery shop.

Hello Kitty is collaborating with STYLE FIT (movie)

Those color pen in Japan is very nice, so if you haven't used it yet,
let's try it :) it will change your life! (imagine)

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Hello Kitty x STYLE FIT 5-color holder UE5H-308KT

STYLE FIT Hello Kitty refill 0.38mm

One Piece 3-color pen

Kobito zukan 3-color pen


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