How Japanese ladies likes to be

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Many Japanese lady wants to be like Western lady.
Means looks like western lady.

Try to make single-edged eyelid to double-edged eyelid.
To make eye bigger.


Try to have skinny legs.
Normally Japanese have short legs.

Recently Japanese diet is changing and some of are
having slim long leg by nature.

Still thats not normal for Japanese.

So what Japanese lady doing is go on an excessive diet
to show leg is long and slim.

Too much stress for body :-(

Japansese ladies doesnt wants to be tan.
They wants to keep Pale.

We thinks pale skin is very attractive.

Its very good if still healthy.

I found one interesting item.
This one.

Beauty lift high nose


What do you think of this?
Do you think this really works for people who have button nose?


I havent use it before so not sure.
But its very popular and famous here in Japan.

Must work very well :-)

I heard this item sold in other country or
tourist buy this item as a souvenir.

I dont know they really wants this or not LOL
Well lady always try hard to be beautiful.

How is in your country?
Any item like this?

Try to make nose better?
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence :-(

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Beauty lift high nose

germanic roller

false eyelash

Hoot care cream(for elbow and knee too)

Yajima biyoushitsu CD&DVD


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