Ultra Seven x G-shock

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Hi friend,

I have information of new item today :-)
Its collaboration item of g-shock and ultra seven.

This is 45th anniversary item of Ultraman Series :-)
And I am sure this will be super rare item as time goes by.

Because this is only 1000 limited.

This watch!

Black band bezel with Ultra-seven graphics is so cool.
It will come with nice red box and with display board.

Ultra Seven is 3rd brother of Ultraman family.
This is great item for Ultraman fans :-)

Pre-order start on 1st March 2012
I am sure this will sold out easily.

But I think you can buy in PIJ later.
It will be higher price.

You need frequent checkups to see whether seller list this watch in PIJ.
Try this key word after released date.

Key word in PIJ:  DW-6900 ULTRASEVEN

Dont miss this big chance!

Because I cant find g-shock of this Ultraman series anymore.

I really want this.
Ultraman tokusatsu was one of my most favorite tv program in child hood.

What do you think of this item?
Isnt this kakkoii?

Did you know I have facebook page of Private Imoport Japan?

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Ultraman 45th anniversary g-shock

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hokuto no ken G-shock model limited edition


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