Japanese Language Proficiency Test

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Have you heard about "Japanese - Language Proficiency Test" before?

You can check details from here.

Many people in overseas wants to take this test.
Specially people from asia.

So there is big chance to work in Japan.
Or just because love Japan so much :-)

In year 2010 475,189 people in overseas took a test.
This is how important test for foreigner.

Well I tried sample of most difficult level.
Its pretty difficult though :-(

Cannot believe foreigner try to pass this level (^^;)

You can try sample test from here

They have Listening as well.

If you are watching animation in Japanese
may be you can understand this easy.

N1 is hardest and N5 is easiest.

you can use
google translate.
This is one I always use to have communication
with other people in overseas LOL

Its really good :-)

google translate

This is one of dictionary I can recommend :-)
Casio EX-WORD XD-B10000 Japanese Electronic Dictionary(Used)

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Sharp PW-A8050 Japanese Electronic Dictionary (Brand new)

Casio Exceed XD-SF4800WE Japanese Electronic Dictionary

SHARP Papyrus Japanese Electronic Dictionary (personaly decorated)


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