Princesskitty room

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Have you heard of Princesskitty room?

This is very special room in "Daiichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort" and "Hotel New Hankyu Osaka"
Room are all Hello Kitty.

Their is only two room are available in one day.
Its start March 1st.

Reservation starts from February 20th.

This is the one.

Bed sheet,curtain,pillow,cushion and other stuffs are Hello Kitty <3
Most are simple design so even your family or friend are not interested in
Hello Kitty they still can handle this.

Ofcourse it will be great time for HK fans :-)

Amenity goods are really Cute :-)

Compact mirror,compact hair brush,Plastic cups,porch and tooth brush.
This is also all Hello Kitty :-)

If you are big fan of Hello Kitty and want to visit Japan,
you should make a reservation for this hotel ♪

How is in your country?

Do you know any kind of hotel like this?

Any good place when if I visit your country?

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Hello Kitty tokidoki mobile case porch

Pulip and Hello kitty collaboration

Rilakkuma netsuke strap

Tarepanda DVD

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