Beautiful Illuminations in Japan (and Kani Douraku)

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How are you doing? About a month and a half until the end of this year.
Do you have something you'd like to do within 2012?
Studying? Work? Anyway, let's do all things we can for next year!

By the way, halloween season finished, and I can feel the atomosphere
of Christmas in the town. We can see many illumination at any places.
I'll show you some popular places of illumination in Japan.

As you may know, Kobe Luminarie is very beautiful. I often visit Kobe
and Osaka. The two big city are right next door to each other.

Ah I remember. Speaking of Osaka, I remember Kani Douraku.
It is very famous crab restaurant. In Japan, crab auctions has started
recently. They are very expensive usually, but in my office, we are
talking about the auctions every day. And we promised to go eating
it as soon as possible.

When you visit Osaka, please drop in at Kani Douraku. You can find it
very easily because it has large crab figure horehead.

Thank you!

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Searching Keywords "Illuminations" on PIJ

Keywords "Kani Douraku", you can find some Hello Kitty!


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