Japanese Funny Goods

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Thank you for reading my article always :)
Today, I'd like to talk about some funny goods in Japan.
They became the talk on some website. I don't know if you need though,
I'll introduce them simply!

Please look at this :) The name of it is "Aomuke Gorone Desk".

I think you can know what it is. You can use PC laying down on the bed or
on the floor. In Japan, you may know though, almost all Japanese people
take off shoes in the house. The number of house which has tatami rooms
is fewer compare with old Japanese, but usually Japanese like to lie down
when they wanna relax in the room.

This amazing items will help our relax style.
However... I don't want it lol
I think I will have muscular pain on my arm next day :'(

Another goods I show you.

This is Flexible Arm for Smartphones.
Do you have iPhone? or Smartphones? These days, a lot of people
in the world have it and enjoy their mobile lige.
Do you have an experience that you felt tierd when you used it in the bed?
In my exprience, using it turning over on my back, I felt tierd with my hand,
and it fell on my face :'( But it will help your iPhone life, I think.

Do you have funny goods in your country?
Please tell me :) Thank you so much.

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

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