Rilakkuma new items for Christmas and New Year

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How are you doing? I'm enjoying my work for New Year. There is now
only a month left until the new year comes. Let's enjoy this year together :)

I can see so many products made for Chrstmas and New Year
in many shops. San-X Rilakkuma series are also released for the event.

Rilakkuma Plush Christmas Version :D

Rilakkuma Plush New Year Version xD

When you want these items please ask me. I will get them for you!

By the way, do you use LINE for smartphones?
It is very useful application so usually I use it instead of email with my friends.
And it has many original stamps you can use on LINE. If you don't use it,
try it, very fun :)

Yesterday, my friend send me a message with Rilakkuma stamp.
It was very cute, so when you have quarrel with your friend, if the friend
send such a cute stamp, you will may allow him/her. lol

I will tell you about Japan next week. Thanks, have a wonderful day :)
and we will have weekend off.

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Rilakkuma 2013 on PIJ

Rilakkuma Christmas on PIJ


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