EVANGELION The Movie Q has been released on 17 November at last!

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A new movie of Evangelion which is a Japanese major anime has been
released at 12:00 am on 17 November at Shinjyuku Wald 9 in Tokyo.
It was the most earliest release in the world, so 1,800 people thronged
to the movie theater. In the theater, it looked a kind of festival.
There was a vending machine of movie ticket and it became Evangelion.
They were selling a bag of popcorn with a figure of Evangelion Unit 001.

Although I said about that movie before, anyway a lot of people are
excited with this new movie now in Japan.

In Fujikyu highland (major theme park in Japan), they are showing
several Evangelion works. You can see an Evangelion train at Otsuki
station of Fujikyuko line. It has two types of Unit001 and Unit002.
Also in the train, you can hear the announce "Hasshin!" it is spoken
by Misato Katsuragi. Hasshin means "take off".

In the theme park, you can see and ride an attraction looks Evangelion.
The name of it is "Eva-bisha". It is an attraction made for the new movie,
but originally it has a name "Takabisha". Takabisha is a major machine
in Fujikyu highland and it has a record on Guinness. The angle of drop
is 121°.  So many Evangelion fan enjoyed it.

I have many things what I would like to tell you about Evangelion,
but I can't because there are many. So I show you simply.

Car Navigation System of Evangelion

Evangelion x Marui (major department store) Project

Stereo Headphones Unit002 Version

Evangelion New Store Open in Hakone!

All those are made for the new movie. I want you enjoy them in Japan :)
Thank you so much.

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

You can enjoy Evangelion Q Several items on PIJ.
If you don't know the words for searching please ask me any time.


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