Hello Kitty to Issho!

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"Hello Kitty to Issho" is a special collaboration project. A lot of
illustrators and creators acting of anime, games, or comics are
collaborating with Hello Kitty you know very well. "to" and "Issho"
are Japanese and they mean like "with" or "together".


You can find many things of Hello Kitty to Issho putting above
words into search engine. Try and enjoy it :)

Well, I found this website. I think you don't understand if you know
little Japanese though, on this website, you can make a just one
original goods of HK Issho. I haven't used and made those goods
yet, but I will try it in future. There are T-shirts, mugs, smartphones
cases and bags.

I touched it a little! Very fun!

Why don't you try and enjoy it? All you have to do is only two clicks!
Find "このキャラでグッズを作る!" means you customize with this
character! and then, find "カスタマイズ" means Customize.

Hello Kitty to Issho Coin Case

Nekomura Iroha Full Graphic T-shirts

Of course, you can find something about Hello Kitty to Issho
on PIJ :) Let's try and find wonderful goods!

Hello Kitty to Issho 5 mascots

Nekomura Iroha figure

Hello Kitty to Issho Nekomura Iroha Jigsaw Puzzle 1000p

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :) Thank you.


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