Ishinomori Henshin!

Do you know Shotaro Ishinomori? He is a manga artist also acting
as an original writer of several series of the special effects.
These are his representative works.
"Cyborg 009" "Robot Detective" "Kikaider" "Kamen Rider"
Those anime and the special effects are popular in Japan.

Ishinomori Production INC.

By the way, today (January 25) is Ishinomori's birthday,
and he collaborates with phiten which is a Japanese company
producing several health-related products. Do you know
or have "Power Balance Bracelets" by phiten? Many athletes
wear it to enhance their performance in their fields.

Please click the link and see this website (Ishinomori store).

As you can see (although it is hidden with a shadow),
they are the bracelets and necklace by phiten, and they are
collaborate with KAMEN RIDER! Wow... I guess a design of them
will be Kamen Rider design. I'd like to see it soon!

And the webpage (Ishinomori Store) has some interestign items
relating with his works.

Sea Jetter Kaito Magazine! You can know all of him :)

Sea Jetter Kaito Sofbi!! Wonderful... I'd like to get for my collection.

By the way, Robokon was also written originally by him.


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google