Otsuna Festival in Nara prefecture

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There are a lot of unique events in various areas in Japan.
Today I picked up an event has been held since early times in Nara.
Speaking of Nara, I can say DAIBUTSU!

Well, anyway, please see blog about Otsuna Festival in Nara!

It will be held in Feburary. Actually, I've not seen it until now though,
the event appears traditional and popular. They wrestle
on a sumo ring in paddy field being covered in mud...
Of course, it has an origin.  They have done the sumo wrestling in mud
for a long time to pray for a good harvest! Curious :)

Let me introduce about Nara prefecture a little more.

Tenri ra-men!

And Shika! (Japanese deer)

Nara is very popular plase as a school trip because there are a lot of
sightseeing area there. You can also see some temples.
If you haven't visited yet, I do recommend this place
when your visiting Japan! Thank you!

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

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