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I would like to write about "INDEN".
It is a traditional Japanese work which has been come down since
the Edo period in Japan. The material is deerskin and it has a design
with Japanese lacquer. This traditional works had been appriciated
by upper-class people in the Edo period. This exquisite handicrafts
were accepted as an important traditional works by the Ministry
of Economy in 1987, and people love them even now.

I found the article about "Koshu Inden". Please read and know it
if you are interested in :) Click the link below.

And you can see some Inden items on this page!

As seeing the word of mouth for these works online,
everyone thinks that it is difficult to choose the best one because
it has a characteristic Japanese taste, but using them for a while,
they are getting confortable and functional. Anyway the works have
an ace-high reputation, so when you have a chance to take them
in your hand, please enjoy them to your heart's content.

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Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Inden Black Wallet

Inden Money Pouch Kinchaku

Inden leather-soled sandals Setta


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