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Do you know Animal Crossing? It is a social simulation video game
series developed and publishied by Nintendo. You can live in the village
and enjoy waliking around or decorating your house and comunicate
with other people in its world. Of course, this game is very popular
and people love to play it. I often see people playing it like in the train.

And, I got an interesting news. Look below, Animal Crossing Plushie!

As I see comments for these plushie online, many people like Shizue-san.
She is a dog and assists the player in his/her new role as the town mayer.
Actually I know a littile about that game, but someone says that Shizue
is very clumsy and absent-minded. Is that so? lol

Oh, speaking of Animal Crossing, my customers living abroad (not Japan)
often ask me about Animal Crossing 3DS LL released in November, 2012
by Nintendo. Have you seen it or had it already? This.

They said that they couldn't get it in their countries. This Animal Crossing
New Leaf 3DS LL is released in some countries (I know the US has it).
However, normal 3DS LL (white or black etc.) is less than 20,000 yen,
but this Animal Crossing 3DS LL is around 30,000 yen in Japan.
It's expensive, but because it was released before Christmas season,
many parents gave it for their children as a Christmas present, they said.
And also said they were happy to see their children's smile :) It's nice.

I want this cute item. Animal Crossing Karuta. Do you know it?

Of course you can get it on PIJ.

Animal Crossing Pocket Planner

Animal Crossing 3DS LL


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google