Wonderful pins of Hard Rock Cafe!

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I have some customers who love Hard Rock Cafe Pins :)
I'm not a collector actually, but I know there are many people
who collect those pins all over the world, and some customers
ask me well about pins which is collaborating with Hello Kitty.
Of course, I'm showing them on eBay now (a little bit of showing
though). Well, this is a link of Hard Rock Cafe Japan and you can
see "Hard Rock Cafe x Hello Kitty 2012 Pins".

Click here :)

I'm often asked about Hello Kitty Pins of Hard Rock Cafe, but
it was difficult to find them. Almost pins have Limited Editon,
and actually the official stores have limited quantity.

I think they should sell them more because they are wonderful,
but they have a limit to the number of them, so collectors would
love to get them desperately.

I collected some photos of Hello Kitty x Hard Rock Cafe Pins.
Enjoy seeing them :)

By the way, you can find some collabrationg items of HK x HRC
on Yahoo auctions. Of course you can get them on PIJ :) Thanks.


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