Please tell me about Bluetooth G-SHOCK

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I know G-SHOCK is super popular in the world!
Of course I have some :)))

By the way, if you know well about G-SHOCK,
can you tell me about Bluetooth G-SHOCK?

Actually, I don't have knowledge of Bluetooth,
but customers on PIJ or ebay often ask me
if they can use the Bluetooth G-SHOCK in their countries
when they buy from us (from Japan).

I got the phone to CASIO and an operator taught me
about that, but I couldn't understand. LOL

If your iPhone or Smartphones have some profiles,
you can use it with no problem also not in Japan.
Of course I heard the names of the profiles, but
sorry, I don't remember... :'(

If you know, let me know in private. LOL

These are several G-SHOCK for 30th anniversary.
GA-303B-1AJR is very cool and I receive many questions for it now.

These are released tomorrow in Japan :)

Spring will come to us soon.
The temperature is getting higher little by little.
We can see SAKURA soon. Thanks.

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

GA-303B-1AJR 30th anniversary model

GW-9230BJ-1JR 30th initial blue

DW-6900MT-7JR 30th anniversary Medicom Toy

DW-6900TH-1JR Tomoyasu Hotei 30th Model


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