Japanese Sweets (Snack, Sweet Treat)

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I came accross these tweets today.
Akin (@akinasiski) posted a photo and said "My sister cooked the
roasted sweet potato...". This is the photo.

Pretty chicks. Let's roast them.

... one minute later, he posted another photo.
What are they? Did she haul up the devils?

The tweets came to an issue for a period of time in Japan
because there was a major gap between those two photos. lol

Speaking of sweets, there are many people who like cooking.
Do you cook something usually? Me? ... I don't. XD

Look! Many cute sweets in there!

By the way, have you ever eaten snack or sweets in Japan?
I heard you can buy them also at Amazon USA.
I saw an article which introduced about it. There are many sweets
in it, but especially I love Takenoko no Sato by Meiji.

But... hey I noticed. The second picture of this sweets
on Amazon.com is little strange. They are mistaken how to eat. lol

Do you have some sweets in Japan you would like to eat?
If you have, please give me return mail for this newsletter.
I think I'll pack into your package when you give us the shipping
request as a free gift. Thank you!

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Meiji - Takenoko no Sato (77g x 10 packs)

Koikeya Karamucho (60g x 12 packs)

Kit Kat Bonus Pack (996g)

glico PRETZ (30 packs)


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