I went to LEGO exhibition in Kanazawa!

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I went to LEGO exhibition the other day!

Also in Japan, a lot of people love it. I often played with it
in my childhood.

There are many children with their parent and their eyes looked
brightly :) They were very exciting with that wonderful block!

A kind of event was held there. Many people gathered in the midst
of that place. As I saw what they were doing, they were making
a field of flowers with LEGO blocks! I heard that they were going
to celebrate the accomplishment of the huge fields on the
final day! I couldn't participate it actually, but nice event they had :)

This is a pic of that fields.

They made their original fields with lovely families.

Have you also played with LEGO in the past or now?
I heard they were made by LEGO, too!


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I will let you know about Japan again!
We can see Sakura soon. I'll tell you about it next :)

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Lego Kinnikuman Strap Set

Lego 8036 Star Wars

Lego Duplo Lot


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