Learning Japanese (Hiragana, Kanji, Kansai-ben)

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If you are interested in the products made in Japan,
I think you have seen Japanese characters.
Basically, the words called "Hiragana" and "Kanji" make our words.
All children learn Hiragana at the first at an elementary school.
The next step is learning Kanji. This is a basic flow for a long time.
Thus, if you master only 46 hiragana characters, You'll speak


By the way, there are many dialects in Japan.
You can see (hear?) those dialects in each prefectures in Japan.
And, in that dialects, there is a dialect called "Kansai-ben".
I often see people from abroad, and often hear their Japanese
speaking. They are very nice, but they are "Standard Japanese".

But I sometimes see people who speak Japanese with the
Kansai accent!! This is my own opinion though, their kansai
dialect are pretty good! Can you speak it?

To explain about kansai-ben is very difficult,
so I'll introduce only one of kansai dilect.

あかん "Akan" is a kansai dialect phrase meaning "No way"

You call attention to people who is texting while bicycling.

Kansai diarect
- Koketara Akan!
- Koketara Akande!
- Koketara Akando!

Anyways if you would like to say "no way", let's use "Akan"
filled with self-confidence. Thanks.

A: Can I absent myself from the office tomorrow
because I would like to go to AKB48 concert with my friends.
B: Akan.

We will have weekend off!
Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

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