Spring is a season of meeting and parting

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It is getting warmer and warmer day by day. We had shoveled
the snow only a few days ago! It is unbelievable thing...

Spring has come in Japan. There were / are several accidents
in Japan though, we are happy to have spring season.

Speaking of spring, we say that spring is a season of meeting
and parting because the entrance ceremony and the graduation
ceremony are held in March and April in Japan. The initiation
ceremony is also held in this season, usually.

When are those ceremonies held in your country?
Same with Japan?

When I was a student, I didn't like spring. Yes I liked spring,
but I didn't like the parting from my friends, classmates.
But this season comes every year and we can't stop the time.

And now, I love spring very much. Of course I've experienced to
part from a lot of people in my life and it will continue also from now.
Yes I know well. But I noticed that there are many meeting
in our life. Now I'm writing this letter to you and I think this is
also a meeting. I'm very glad to do it.

Actually, I wasn't here one year ago. I did a different work
in Osaka. This one year for me gave many meeting again.
I've not met you yet, actually, but it is my dream to see you
in future. I attached a photo of spring in Japan.

I'll keep in touch with you again. Thank you from Japan.
The situation of the graduation ceremony of Kanazawa College of Art below.


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