I received new Draemon Watch (Doratch) information!

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New Doratch has been released already! Oh I didn't know that...
But that new Doraemon watch is in supply yet, so I'll tell you about it :-)

New Doratch is here!

You saw it?
I read the description, and it says that Doraemon is waiting for you
with a different look every day at the other side of the door.

It is a fob watch. The Doratch series usually get exhausted, and after that,
the price will be high. Of course I know that. I want new Doratch in
every release, but I should earn a living..! lol

Well.. enough about that, do you think you wish you had Doraemon
in your daily life?

What is Doraemon?

When will he appear in front of us if he will be born actually?
What devices do you want? and what would you like to do with it?

About me, I would like the time machine and the dokodemo door...
Do you know them? The time machine allows us to go to the future
or the past which you want to go. The dokodemo door can make us
transport to quite different places immediately.

Especially, if I have the dokodemo door, I can visit to you soon!!
Well, actually, I use it as a transportation device in my daily life.
If it is so, I can sleep more. lol Hmm... Unrealistic? xD

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

unused rare blue / watch live latches [Doraemon]

Bottle cap cute Doraemon mass set mini figure

Door anywhere / Doraemon 3D bonus McDonald's Happy Set


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