Is Randoseru a school bag (backpack) only in Japan?

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Do you know Randoseru which has been used for elementary school students in Japan?
It's like this.

In Japan, they commute to school for six years though, they use randoseru as their school bags until their graduation from elementary.

Since we use it for six years, it's made robustly, and they often go to their school in a group to protect themselves from any evils or accidents.

Also, current randoseru has developed very much compared with one which I used. (It's about more than 20 years ago...) Look at this.

It may mean nothign to you, but many companies in Japan use people abroad for their promoting. I think Japanese hankers for their looks and styles, and it makes their buying
motivation. It's just my thought.

Well, randoseru is expensive, but nice bag, I think. If you want, you can get it on PIJ :)

Check them out from here.


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