Japanese green powdered tea - IYEMON SALON KYOTO

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Japanese green powdered tea

Recently Japan has high temperature. Summer will come soon. It's very hot in summer in Japan. Almost places have more than 30 degrees Celsius. In spite of summer haven't come yet, yesterday, it recorded 37.5 degrees in Kyoto...

Hey... you will find me melting soon...

In hot day like this, I often go to coffee shops. There are a lot of chain stores in Japan, like Starbucks, but today, I'll show a shop which has green tea's menu. Do you drink it also in your
country? I often see it in Japan, but actually I don't know in your country.

I want you to visit a tea shop by the name of IYEMON SALON KYOTO. There, you can enjoy green tea's menu.

Green tea x Sodas

Salad of Green tea x Mayonnaise

Green tea x Beer

It stands in Kyoto, where is a popular sightseeing spot, so let's chat togther when you visit :)

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