Saint Seiya Brave Soldier Game Announced for PS3

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Nice news if you are a fan of Saint Seiya!

Bandai Namco Games has announced they will release complete new game software for PS3 in this autumn in 2013. The price hasn't been put yet.

Watch this the 1st PV of the game.

Official website

I am a big fan of it because I often watched it on TV in my childhood.
In those days, I used to play copying thier (fellows in Saint world) moving and beat out my brother. (hey, it was play and my brother didn't go to hospital, actually) I heard that this
anime has watched without in Japan. Is it true?

I'm going to get it in autumn, and will play it with my workmates then, so please look forward to our battle. I'll show it, I'm gonna take a video :)

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