Japan Toy Awards 2013

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Japan Toy Awards 2013 was held in
Tokyo yesterday. It's held every year,
and a lot of interesting toys were showed
there. Do you think what toy get a grand
prize? They said it was 2 years in a row.

This :)

But I like this than that.

I found vidoe too.

Actually I didn't know it. It can be moved
and change its shape. I said I wanted it
at our office, but I was unwatched...

I'm going to get them and make my original
zoo on my desk. Please wait for it.


Sorry for many words. Let me speak
about myself. Do you use LINE app? The
other day, I found My neighbor Totoro
stamp for free on that app. As you add
"au Japan" as your friend, you will get
it, but actually I don't know if you can get.

"au" is a phone's company in Japan.
Can you add them as your friend on LINE?
If you can, you also get the same stamp,
I think. Try to search LINE ID "@auofficial"

Like this.


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