My trip in Shizuoka prefecture

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What areas in Japan do you know?
And do you know where Mt. Fuji stands?

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, and it stands
in Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefecture. My brother lives
in Shizuoka, so I visited him last weekend :)
Actually I haven't gone there, so it looked very nice!

Also, Shizuoka has very nice view spots. For example...
tea plantation in Shizuoka is very famous. Many people love
to drink tea from Shizuoka! See this pic.

Yeah nice place. Hey, I know a hotel you can see Mt.Fuji
from your room staying. If you have a chance to see Mt.Fuji
and you wanna know it, ask me any time! :D

Lastly, this is a video I took at Hamanako service area in Shizuoka.
Actually, I had a great impression from those girls.
They were singing and dancing for their performing. Once AKB48
had done the same thing with them. Maybe, they will grow up
and become the most famous artist in the world. :)

Anyway, watch it. I don't have enough time so it doesn't have
the caption in English. Sorry, I will try next time.

Thank you!

Mt.Fuji x picture searching on PIJ


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