AKB48 4th General Election 2012

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AKB48's "4th General Election" will be held on July 6th
at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.
This election will allow fans to vote for the "senbatsu members"
in AKB48's 27th single.

AKB48 official site

AKB48 4th General Election!! XD

Do you know this Japanese idol pop group "AKB48"?
I wrote the article about them on this blog before. Do you remember it?
I'll tell you about them again :)

They are the most popular idol group in Japan now.
We call them "A, K, B, forty, eight".
AKB48 was produced by Yasushi Akimoto in 2005.
He is a famous lyricist and broadcast writer in Japan.

They have acted for their fans with the concept
"Idols you can meet everyday".
They give the public performance almost every day even now.
So you can meet them. They are an invaluable artist for thinking so.

And now, we can listen to their music in many places,
on TV, on radio, in many shops.
I don't know the places where you don't hear their music :)

You should know about them to know Japanese culture LOL

AKB48 music pickup (You Tube)

I like a song No.21 "every day kachusha"!
And all of them are very cute! Don't you think so?
Please tell me your "oshimen" in AKB48 if you know about them well.

My "oshimen" is Tomochin!! :)

What's oshimen?

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

AKB48's CD Manatsu no Sounds good!

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