Yabusame (=horseback archery)

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Today I talk about a Japanese traditional culture.
Have you ever heard the word "Yabusame"?
It's a traditional Japanese horseback archery.

Nowadays we have it as a kind of religious services,
but ancient people like Samurai warriors had used it as a skill for the battles.

Watch this Yabusame movie! It's so coooooool! XD

They wear a Kari-Shozoku (=hunting wear) when they have Yabusame.

Then they ride on horseback, make it run
and shoot through three targets in the straight road which is 715 feet.
What a amazing powers of concentration!
It is difficult for me even to ride a horse lol

There are a lot of tours to see it in Japan,
so please enjoy it when you visit :)

BTW, This is Yabusame festival in my hometown.
They are doing it in play...??

Watch this! Yabusame in Fukui prefecture.

We can hear the rattle of hoofs from some SPEAKERS... LOL

Yabusame = やぶさめ (流鏑馬)

Kari-Shozoku = かりしょうぞく (狩装束)

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