Dagashi "Japanese cheep sweets"

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Have you ever heard the word "dagashi"?
It is the traditional Japanese cheep sweets.

Now we can find it in many supermarkets or convenience stores though,
when I was child, there are so many dagashi shops in the towns.
We called those shops "dagashi-ya" :)

I want you to eat them. They are so delicious XD
And you will be surprised at the variety of dagashi. It's quite amazing!
So it is difficult for me to tell you about all dagashi :)

Dagashiya in Tokyo! XD

You can choose whatever you want :)

This is a standard dagashi! Vocaloid Sakuma Drops!

In Japan, Dagashi has been loved through many generations.
When you visit to Japan and you have a chance to eat them,
please imagine our nostalgia and try to be soaked in old Japan :D
I hope you can find your favorite one!

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