How to Make Rilakkuma Omurice

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I found very cute movie on You Tube!
Please watch this movie :D ↓

How to Make Rilakkuma Omurice (Recipe) 

This omurice cuisine is very easy.
I think anybody can make it :) very cuuuuute! lol

And charaben (kyaraben) is very popular in Japan :)
Do you know them?
I'm sure you will be really pleased with them!

Please access the website below.
You can see several charaben! awesome.

Charaben Mania Ranking Top 100 XD

How do you feel?? :D
There are so many charaben. Do you want to eat them?
They are too wonderful for me to eat.. lol

When you try to make some charaben,
before you eat, show me please.
Please don't eat them. LOL

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

charaben book "how to cook"


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charaben book Hello Kitty Pokemon

charaben = キャラ弁
rilakkuma = リラックマ
omurice = オムライス
lunch box = 弁当箱
Thermos = サーモス


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