Nagashi Sōmen

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Now the rainy season are continuing in Japan though,
It will end after a month, and summer season will visit to us.
It will be hot and the sun beats down on our heads though,
I like that season :)

You can see more Japanese styles especially in summer.
I have a lot of things I wanna talk to you about Japanese summer...
hmm... OK, I'll do about "Nagashi Sōmen".

Have you ever heard that words or eaten them before?
Simply put, It's a Japanese traditional noodles
which has been eaten for a long time.
And it helps us stay cool in so hot summer :)

Many people like Nagashi Sōmen :)

How to enjoy Nagashi Sōmen

Nagashi Sōmen beautiful movie

In addition, there is a place where Sōmen run for a very long distance.
It is the very Nagashi-Sōmen that I'm looking for :)

Tokura toge Pass is known well with Nagashi-Sōmen

You can see and eat them at Tokura toge Pass in Shiso-shi, Hyogo prefecture.
The water of melted snow from Mt. Hyonosen bring them to you :)
The noodles themselves are also very famous in Japan,
they are named "Ibo-no-Ito". Almost Japanese know it ;)

How do you spend in so hot day?
Do you have any plans you thought out?
Tell me please :D

Hello Kitty Nagashi Sōmen machine

Nagashi Sōmen 5m set; you can build it easily

Hello Kitty bowl Sōmen

Sōmen "Ibo no Ito" 12 bundles

Lacquer ware for Sōmen

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Sōmen = そうめん
Nagashi Sōmen = 流しそうめん
Tokura toge Pass = 戸倉峠
Ibo no Ito = 揖保の糸


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