Kitty Robot Exhibition in Sanrio Puroland

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From august 12 to august 19, Kitty Robot Exhibition
will be held in Omotesando Hills as a charity event
commemorating they will open a new attraction!

Kitty Robot Exhibition Official Page


In the event, many Kitty Robots will be exhibited,
and which will be designed by many Japanese entertainers and artists.
They will be sold at the auction, and the proceeds will be contributed for charity.

Because of this, you can take part in the contest.
This time, Sanrio is collecting the works which is designed Kitty Robot by  yourself.
You can design and make a new Kitty Robot,
and if your works will win a prize, your Kitty Robot will be exhibited
in the place the event will be held!!

Yeah, let's try to make cute Kitty Robot!

Do you have any images for it? :)
How do you design your Kitty Robot?
I'm not good at design, so I'll give up LOL

I'm really looking forward to see many cute Kitty Robot in that event!
Please visit to Japan to see it, and enjoy many Japanese summer event xD

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

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