Hotaru (Lightning Bug)

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In Japan, the rainy season has set in.
The season will be over from mid-July to late July.
The rainy day increases in this season, so I don't like it :(

However, we have many things to appreciate in this rainy season.
We can see many Lightning Bugs ("Hotaru" in Japanese) only this season.
There are many domestic tours to see them in Japan.
I'm not planning to visit though, my friends said they went to see them
the other day :)

So beautiful lightning!

Hotaru are dancing in Yamada Hotaru Village in Fukuoka Prefecture

A poster of a tour seeing Hotaru (The night full of Hotaru)

Many people have appriciated them for a long time.
Of course I love the sightseeing filled with Hotaru.
I can relax when I see it :D

How about in your country? When you take a picture of it,
please show me, I wanna share the joyful of it with you :)

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

Insect Cage 6 Lightning Bugs Toy in (LED light)

Japanese book the sights of HOTARU best 28 Yasuhiko Miyajima

Yu-Gi-Oh 3 game cardsn Genshi Hotaru

Hotaru's lightning for your gardening


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