GUN-PRI so kakkoii

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Are you interested in Gundam?
Gundam is very popular robot charactor in all over the world now.
Start in 1979 on TV.
From that Gundam series is still keep going till now.
I really love Gundam.
First Gundam and my birth of year is almost same but still
I love first gundam too.
Gundam plastic model which is Gunpla for short is
really popular toy/figure in Japan for long long time.
Even in overseas now!!
And now Bandai start  GAN-PRI which is printed on item of Gundam charactors.
They have T-shirts,towel and tapestry.
First you need to choose from these.
Next choose which robot you want to print on your item.
Choose logos next on your item.
You can choose from many robots in Gundam series.
Its really cool and kakkoii.
This is must item for Gundam fan.

This is page you can order your own item.

Is there many Gundam fan in your country?
By the way I love ZGundam series the most :-)

Please tell me if there are the items you want :D
Please Don't hesitate to tell me :)

GUNDAM Figures clock / ZAKU II MS-06-F

Shield Plate Keychain Gundam GUNDAM GDM015KY

Gundam mobile strap GDM009ST

Gundam Encounters Space Ⅲ B2 Posters first edition!



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